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Welcome to Technifast Ltd
Technifast, Keysteel, Parallel Keys, R-Clips, Shaft Locking Pins, Linch Pins, Inserts, Cotter Pins, Dowel Pins, Clevis Pins, Spacers, Spring Pins, Coiled Pins, Slotted Pins

Technifast is an established supplier and manufacturer of specialist engineering fasteners and components.  Our large portfolio of precision fasteners spans pins, dowels, spacers, inserts and keys, which we reliably and efficiently supply to industries worldwide, including medical, automotive, aviation and marine, always at competitive prices.

Technifast has over thirty years' experience in providing precision fastenings and bespoke turned parts to a multitude of industries at an international level.  We provide our customers with a wide range of fastener solutions, underpinned with first-class technical knowledge, enabling our customers' products to operate in a consistent and efficient manner throughout their life-cycle.

Technifast’s manufacturing division is dedicated to producing small and complex turned parts, using CNC machines to obtain high precision and an excellent surface finish. We are proud of our reputation for producing both high-volume runs of parts and low-volume orders such as prototype manufacturing.


Most of our special pins and turned parts are manufactured in austenitic stainless steel grades 303 and 316, but we can also produce parts in a diverse range of other materials, including martensitic stainless steel, hardenable steel, mild steel and brass.


Our continued investment in our machining capabilities means we can  produce fasteners with a diameter of up to 32mm.

Bespoke Engineered Components, Threaded Pins, Centre Groove Pins, Spacers, Taper Point Pins, Turned Spacers, Extractable Pins

Technifast is an ISO:9001 registered company.  This underpins our reliability as we continually monitor and manage quality across all our operations.  Download our ISO:9001 Certificate.

Please join our community or contact us for a fast, efficient quotation or to discuss your bespoke precision component and fastener requirements.

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Try Technifast, we quote fast, ship fast and offer generous discounts on volume orders. 


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