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Technifast 3D Printing – Our first success; Casing for the Platypus 1000 Series

In 2020, Technifast were approached by Tony Smith of XDB Audio. Tony had an idea that would lead Technifast into new avenues and we were excited to help!

Size Range of Platypus 1000

Making their debut Live at Worthy Farm, Glastonbury Festival 2021 on the drum kit for Coldplay, they are more than just a Rain Cover!

The Platypus 1000 Series is designed to isolate the snare drum from the hi-hat, as well as provide weather proofing. There were two sizes made initially with the smaller one made to do the same job between the tom mics and overheads.

The Director of XDB Audio, Tony Smith specializes in audio design for events in need of high-end audio. Tony is well known in the live music industry, previously working on PA design systems, managing live broadcasts as well as being an audio crew chief and mixing for Coldplay on occasion in the absence of Dan Green. Over the past 15 years, he has worked alongside Wigwam Acoustics, working with Muse, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the late George Michael.

Working alongside Tony Smith and Ricardo Naveria at iMakr, who helped with the technical side of development, Technifast have pushed the boundaries of our capabilities into 3D Printing. Initial designs were adapted to find the most effective casing for the Platypus 1000 Series.

Our first success is the casing for the Platypus 1000 Series and we hope to develop our skills and be able to offer a wider service to our customers using 3D printing.

Platypus 1000 with XDB Audio
Download PDF • 269KB


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