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Where it all started…


The family-owned and operated company was founded in 1990 by John Speed and has its headquarters in Corby, supplying precision engineered fasteners across multiple industries.  From its inception, the Technifast ethos has remained steadfast.  John explains, “All along our principle has been to provide a level of service, quality and value that will encourage customers to come back to us the next time they have a need for our products.”

As business prospered throughout the early Nineties, we built up a small, but dedicated team of sales staff and warehouse personnel in line with the company’s growth.  Long-standing customers will remember Carol Evans, who was a key member of the Technifast team during the 90's and 00's.

With the business growing steadily, John recognised the need to respond to customers increasing demands for custom-made precision turned components. We invested in our manufacturing capabilities and machinery, with relocation to bigger premises in 2005 to accommodate the natural progression from a fastener supplier into a respected manufacturer of precision engineered components and CNC turned parts.

Our business evolves


Fast-forward to 2020 and we have an established manufacturing division and pro-actively work with customers to manufacture bespoke fasteners for applications across a diverse range of industries such as automotive and aviation.  While our scope, staffing levels and operations have expanded, our quality and service has remained constant.

“Thirty years is a remarkable milestone for any company. We’ve achieved our success through the productiveness and dedication of our team, coupled with continued investment in our machining capabilities to provide the highest quality products and service,” commented current Managing Director, Louis Speed. “Throughout 2020, we’ll be celebrating our success by reflecting on where we started, what we’ve achieved and looking forward to our next three decades of precision component manufacturing.”

Technifast 30th Anniversary Timeline
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