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Standard materials used in Technifast products are as follows : -

CS 70 and CK67

Carbon steel which, after hardening and tempering, has excellent strength and fatigue resistance which makes them ideal for spring pins, both coiled and slotted.

AISI 304 and WS 1.4310

Austenitic stainless steel, unhardenable and with low magnetic permeability, used for both coiled and slotted spring pins where corrosion resistance is needed.

WS 1.3505 / C60Pb

Hardenable high carbon steel with chrome content used for through-hardened dowels in the metric range.

WS 1.4305 and 303S31

Unhardenable austenitic stainless steel with low magnetic permeability used for dowels, grooved pins, taper pins and threaded spacers where corrosion resistant properties are required.

Silver Steel to BS 1407

A through-hardenable high carbon steel used for dowels and small turned parts.

WS 1.4571 and 316S11 (A4)

Unhardenable austenitic stainless steel with low magnetic permeability, but with very high corrosion resistance used for dowels.

431S29 (C1)

A hardenable martensitic stainless steel used for dowels requiring the maximum shear strength, combined with corrosion resistance.

WS 1.0718 (9SMnPb28)

Leaded mild steel used for dowels, taper pins and grooved pins.

S300 Pb

Leaded mild steel used for threaded spacers.

AISI 1010

Low carbon steel used for roll-formed clearance spacers.

WS 1.0503 (C45k)

Standard Key steel with a minimum tensile strength of 60 Kg/mm².

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