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ISO 2338
DIN 6325
DIN 7979, Extractable Dowels
DIN 7979D
Grooved Pins, DIN 1471, DIN 1472, DIN 1473, DIN 1474, DIN 1475, GP1, GP2, GP3, GP4, GP5, GP8, ISO 8740, ISO 8741, ISO 8742, ISO 8743, ISO 8744, ISO 8745
Taper Pins, DIN 1A, DIN 1B, ISO 2339
Extractable Taper Pins, DIN 7978, ISO 8736
DIN 7978
DIN 7977, ISO 8737, Extractable Taper Pin
DIN 7977

Precision dowel pins are traditionally used to hold two or more parts together in a fixed alignment relying on the tightness of fit to stay in place. Dowels are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting.

We hold stock of the majority of the dowels we offer or can manufacture dowel pins to a customer drawing or specification. We can supply and manufacture dowel pins in mild steel, brass, stainless steel 303 and stainless steel 316, as well as Hardened & Ground Steel.

Dowel pins are cylindrical rods of steel and can be plain, extractable, tapered or grooved.  


Extractable dowel pins have a male or female thread for easy removal.


Grooved pins are supplied with parallel or tapered grooves to DIN and ISO standards in mild steel or stainless steel 303.  We can supply with either half length or full length taper grooves, as well as a centre groove.

Our range of taper pins include plain taper pins to DIN 1B, male extractable taper pins to DIN 7977 and female extractable taper pins to DIN 7978.

We stock equivalent imperial dowel pins and taper pins to BS 1804 / BS 46.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide imperial grooved pins, but may be able to offer an imperial equivalent if your application permits.

We also have the facilities to quote for custom made dowels and taper pins.


Our capabilities range from very small diameter dowels from 1mm, through to custom made dowels up to 32mm diameter.

As well as non-standard diameters, we can quote for non-standard taper angles, split taper pins and non-standard threads. 

Please contact us for more information or follow the links below to our data sheets.

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