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Self Tappping Inserts
Self Tapping Insert, Series 121, INS 121
INS 121
Zinc Alloy Self Tapping Inserts, Series 127, INS 127
INS 127
Self Tapping Insert, Series 125, INS 125
INS 125
Self Tapping Insert, Series 300, INS 300, Ensat
INS 300
Blind Selt Tapping Insert, Series STB
STB Type
Pre-Tapped Through Insert, Series PTT, Thread Reducing Insert
PTT Type (Thread-Reducing)
STT WM.jpg
STT Type
Ultrasonic Inserts, Heat Inserts, Series 01, Series 02 Headed, INS 01, INS 02 Headed

Technifast provide a varied range of inserts, which are frequently categorised by the method of insertion.

We have a vast range of self tapping inserts, designed to give more strength, particularly where composite materials are used. Our through tapped metric OD inserts (thread reducers / thread repair) are ideal for use on pre-tapped holes which make them suitable for application with most materials and have a standard through-tapped metric internal with metric external threads.  We also stock self tapping inserts with a high resistance to pull-out, making them ideal for use in plastics, wood and non-ferrous metals.  


Our ultrasonic or heat inserts, which are for use in thermoplastic materials and are stocked in brass.

Finally, the expansion inserts are an ideal solution when a durable thread is required, but the high pull-out resistance of a self-tapping insert is not essential.

For non-standard threaded inserts, please contact us with your requirements

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Diamond Knurl Expansion Inserts, Series 81, Series 82 Headed, INS 81, INS 82 Headed
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